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Test Bank Essentials of Nursing Practice 1st Edition Delves Yates

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Test Bank Essentials of Nursing Practice 1st Edition Delves Yates

Test Bank Essentials of Nursing Practice 1st Edition Delves Yates 

Chapter 2


1. During your course you will learn:


a. Only about your chosen field of nursing


*b. Field-specific and generic knowledge and skills c. About your chosen field and one other field d. About the importance of caring for children


  1. The recurrent issues relating to the poor care of patients with learning disabilities include:


  1. Signs and symptoms of illness attributed to learning disabilities rather than physical illness


  1. Poor communication with people with learning disabilities


  1. Treatment options influenced by negative views about the quality of life of individuals with learning disabilities


*d. All the above


  1. When you see the term ‘learning disabilities’ you:


a. Can assume the individual will need help with washing and dressing *b. Should not make assumptions


c. Should assume that the individual will not be able to understand information about their healthcare


d. Will know that the individual requires a high level of support to meet their needs


  1. During your nursing course it is important that you:


  1. Concentrate on what you are being taught


  1. Turn your mobile phone off as soon as you enter class


  1. Respect those who are teaching you


*d. All of the above

  1. The three senses we use to process information are: *a. Visual, auditory and kinaesthetic


  1. Visual, smell and kinaesthetic


  1. Visual, auditory and taste


  1. Visual, smell and taste


  1. Patients should be informed that the information they share with you:


  1. Is confidential


  1. May be shared with other members of the healthcare team if it is important in their care


  1. May be disclosed to others if there is risk of harm occurring


*d. All the above