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Test Bank Fundamentals of Human Resource Management 8th Edition By Raymond Noe

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Test Bank Fundamentals of Human Resource Management 8th Edition By Raymond Noe

Test Bank Fundamentals of Human Resource Management 8th Edition By Raymond Noe

Fundamentals of HR Management, 8e (Noe)

Chapter 1   Managing Human Resources


1) Managers and economists traditionally have seen human resource management as a source of value to their organizations.


2) Human resources cannot be imitated.


3) High-performance work systems have been essential in making organizations strong enough to weather the storm of a recession and remain profitable when the economy begins to expand after the recession.


4) No two human resource departments have precisely the same roles and responsibilities.


5) An organization makes selection decisions in order to add employees to its workforce, as well as to transfer existing employees to new positions.


6) Establishing and administering personnel policies allows a company to handle problematic situations more fairly and objectively than if it addressed such incidents on a case-by-case basis.


7) When a person evaluating performance is not familiar with the details of a job, outcomes tend to be easier to evaluate than specific behaviors.


8) Human resource management requires the ability to communicate through a variety of channels.


9) Human resource management is increasingly becoming a purely administrative function.


10) Evidence-based HR refers to the practice of initiating disciplinary action against employees only in the presence of clear and demonstrable proof of undesirable behavior.


11) In organizations with sustainable strategies, the HR departments focus on employee development and empowerment rather than short-term costs.


12) HR competencies are the sets of knowledge and skills associated with successful human resource management.


13) The clusters of competencies needed by human resource professionals include technical, interpersonal, business, and leadership competencies.


14) The supervisors in an organization play a key role in employee relations because they are most often the voice of management for the employees.


15) The right of free consent states that employers can conceal the nature of a job while hiring an employee for a particular position.



16) Gia feels that being denied a promotion has more to do with her being a woman than with her overall performance. However, her supervisors and the HR department are refusing to hear her case. This suggests that Gia has been denied her right to due process.


17) In companies that are ethical and successful, senior executives are the only stakeholders who are responsible for the actions of the company.


18) For human resource practices to be considered ethical, they must result in the greatest good for the largest number of people.


19) The role of an HR generalist is essentially limited to recruitment and selection.


20) The vast majority of HRM professionals have a college degree.


21) The concept of "human resource management" implies that employees are

A) a secondary component of a business.

B) troublesome and need to be monitored.

C) resources of the employer.

D) an unnecessary cost to an employer.

E) a rare component of the business world.


22) In the context of human resource management, human capital refers to the

A) wages, benefits, and other costs incurred in support of HR functions in an organization.

B) cash, equipment, technology, and facilities that an organization uses.

C) tax-deferred value of an employee's 401(k) plan.

D) organization's employees, which add economic value to the company.

E) total budget allocated to the HR department in an organization.


23) Which of the following describes the employees of an organization in terms of their training, experience, judgment, intelligence, relationships, and insight?

A) capital expense

B) human capital

C) tangible capital

D) traditional management

E) working capital


24) Chris, the director of operations, strongly believes that human resource management (HRM) is critical to the success of organizations. Jamie, the CFO of the organization, opposes Chris' view because she thinks HRM is an unnecessary expense for the company. Which statement weakens Jamie's belief?

A) HRM is highly substitutable and interchangeable.

B) HRM is easily available for all companies to utilize.

C) HRM helps an organization imitate human resources at a high-performing competitor.

D) HRM ensures that persons with high levels of the needed skills and knowledge are easily found.

E) HRM is indispensable for building a competitive advantage.


25) How do human resources professionals provide an organization with a sustainable competitive advantage?

A) They manage commonly available resources.

B) They help the organization do what competitors are doing.

C) They keep the organization focused on the short term.

D) They hire high-quality employees who provide a needed service as they perform many critical functions.

E) They hire employees who are very enthusiastic despite lacking job experience and training.


26) In the context of today's organizations, which statement is true of employees?

A) Employees are not easily replaced parts of a system; they are the source of a company's success or failure.

B) Employees have good substitutes when the substitutes are well trained and highly motivated.

C) Employees with high levels of the required skills and knowledge can be easily imitated.

D) Employees within an organization seldom perform critical functions.

E) Employees do not have the right to refuse to do what violates their moral beliefs.


27) Identify the correct statement regarding human resources.

A) Human resources can be imitated.

B) Human resources are commonly found.

C) Human resources have no good substitutes.

D) Human resources seldom perform critical functions.

E) Human resources are interchangeable, easily replaced parts of a system.


28) Motorama, an automobile manufacturing company, had the largest number of its employees in the manufacturing sector last year. Instead of hiring more employees, the company decided to invest heavily in training its employees on automotive maintenance and design. Which belief has most likely led the company to make this decision?

A) The employees in the company are interchangeable.

B) The employees are the source of the company's success or failure.

C) The union employees in the company will resign once their contract expires.

D) A majority of the employees own shares in the company.

E) A majority of the employees in the company have an automotive engineering background.


29) Peter, the human resource manager at Tinker Inc., has a clear understanding of the firm's business. This enables him to comprehend the various needs of the business and help the company meet its goals for attracting, keeping, and developing employees with the required skills. This scenario indicates Peter's responsibility of

A) providing administrative services.

B) preparing a job analysis.

C) providing business partner services.

D) creating a job design.

E) maintaining positive employee relations.



30) Holly is a member of the human resource department at Invert Corp. Setting a goal to enhance the firm's strategy, Holly works to attain it by understanding the current human resources. Through a series of surveys, interviews, and observations, she learns what talents the various departments of Invert Corp. are currently in need of, and attracts new human resources according to those requirements. What kind of HRM responsibility does this example illustrate?

A) HRM's responsibility to handle administrative tasks

B) HRM's responsibility to serve as a strategic partner

C) HRM's responsibility to carry out transactions

D) HRM's responsibility to develop effective systems

E) HRM's responsibility to answer questions


31) How can an HR department that is considered its company's strategic partner help the company gain a competitive advantage?

A) by handling administrative tasks with a commitment to quality

B) by providing business partner services to meet the company's goals

C) by providing skills training and career development programs

D) by understanding the existing human resources and providing new ones

E) by answering questions on employee hiring and benefits


32) Katie works in the human resource department at Zeus Corp. Her chief responsibilities include administering salaries, determining incentives, managing group insurance, and employee vacation and leave. Which human resource management function is being performed by Katie?

A) performance management

B) employee relations

C) selection

D) training and development

E) compensation and benefits


33) Which responsibility is specifically associated with the HR function of employee relations?

A) conducting attitude surveys

B) analyzing work

C) creating HR information systems

D) planning and forecasting human resources

E) creating a job design


34) Which responsibility is specifically associated with the HR function of support for strategy?

A) temporary labor recruitment and record keeping

B) human resource planning and forecasting

C) wage and salary administration

D) development of employee handbooks and company publications

E) development of an HR information system



35) The process of getting detailed information about jobs is referred to as

A) a job rotation.

B) supply chain management.

C) a job analysis.

D) policy creation.

E) a job orientation.


36) Which statement best describes job design?

A) It is the process of defining the way work will be performed and the tasks that a given job requires.

B) It is the process of generating a pool of potential candidates for a job.

C) It is the process of identifying suitable candidates for jobs.

D) It is the technique of enabling employees to learn job-related knowledge, skills, and behavior.

E) It is the technique of presenting candidates with detailed information about a job.


37) At ICS Inc., a company that deals in software products, employees regularly complain about the lack of clarity regarding the tasks they are required to perform. Often there are two employees working on overlapping tasks, while some tasks are not designated to any employee. Though employees are satisfied with the pay and work culture, this aspect of their work environment has led to a lot of conflict in the workplace. From the information provided, this complaint of the employees can be closely linked to which HR function?

A) compliance with laws

B) analysis and design of work

C) compensation and benefits

D) maintenance of employee relations

E) recruitment and selection


38) What is responsible for the shift in the job trend, from the use of narrowly defined jobs to the use of broadly defined jobs in organizations?

A) emphasis on innovation and quality

B) increased demand for low-skilled workers

C) increased focus on simplifying jobs

D) lack of competition

E) reduced use of team-based projects


39) Identify the process through which an organization seeks applicants for potential employment.

A) orientation

B) training

C) recruitment

D) work analysis

E) job design



40) The process by which an organization attempts to identify applicants with the necessary knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics that will help the organization achieve its goals is referred to as

A) orientation.

B) selection.

C) compensation.

D) work analysis.

E) performance management.


41) Ralph works at Delta Corporation. He is responsible for identifying individuals with skills required for the various roles in the organization. Which human resource management practice is being performed by Ralph?

A) performance management

B) employee relations

C) selection

D) training

E) compensation


42) What term describes a planned effort to enable employees to learn job-related knowledge, skills, and behavior?

A) selection

B) performance appraisal

C) training

D) compensation

E) recruitment


43) Which HR function involves offering programs through which employees acquire knowledge, skills, and behavior that improve their ability to meet the challenges of a variety of new or existing jobs, including the client and customer demands of those jobs?

A) recruitment

B) personnel policy

C) development

D) employee relations

E) selection


44) If a company, as part of its job redesign program, plans to set up teams to manufacture products, which program might it offer to help employees learn the ins and outs of effective teamwork?

A) development programs

B) recruitment programs

C) orientation programs

D) selection programs

E) performance management programs



45) In the context of HRM functions, the activities of training and development include

A) making decisions on whether an organization will emphasize enabling employees to perform their current jobs, preparing them for future jobs, or both.

B) keeping track of how well employees are performing relative to objectives such as job descriptions and goals for a particular position.

C) attempting to identify applicants with the necessary knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics that will help the organization achieve its goals.

D) preparing and distributing employee handbooks that detail company policies and, in large organizations, company publications such as a monthly newsletter or a website on the organization's intranet.

E) establishing policies related to hiring, discipline, promotions, and benefits.


46) Which term refers to the process of ensuring employees' activities and outputs match an organization's goals?

A) job analysis

B) supply chain management

C) employee development

D) performance management

E) career planning


47) The employees at Herby Financial often complain that they are not provided feedback about their work. They feel that they do not get proper information as to how they have performed and the areas in which they need to improve. They also claim that the performance goals are vague and not measurable. Which HR function does Herby Financial need to specifically improve upon to resolve the complaints put forth by its employees?

A) recruitment

B) employee selection

C) training and development

D) performance management

E) planning and administering pay and benefits


48) Abby works at Trader Inc. Her primary role in the company is to create self-rating, job-related questionnaires for the employees. Which human resource management practice is being performed by Abby?

A) performance management

B) employee relations

C) selection

D) training

E) compensation



49) In the context of HRM functions, the activities of performance management include

A) identifying applicants with the necessary knowledge and abilities that will help an organization achieve its goals.

B) making a planned effort to enable employees to learn job-related knowledge, skills, and behavior.

C) specifying the tasks and outcomes of a job that contribute to an organization's success.

D) acquiring knowledge and skills that improve employees' ability to meet the challenges of a variety of new or existing jobs.

E) seeking applicants for potential employment.


50) Henry works in the HR department of an advertising firm that has recently brought in employees specializing in analysis of large volumes of data about consumer behavior. The manager to whom these analysts report does not share their knowledge of quantitative methods but wants them to develop recommendations for better decision making. Henry is supporting the department by developing a form the manager will follow in measuring the analysts' performance. What kinds of performance measures should Henry focus on?

A) The form should measure outcomes, such as timely and useful recommendations, because the manager will not be able to evaluate specific technical behaviors.

B) The form should measure specific technical behaviors, because the methods used by the analysts will determine the usefulness of their recommendations.

C) The form should measure both outcomes and behaviors, because both are essential to success in the job.

D) The form should measure personal traits, such as getting along with others, because Jonathan and the manager don't understand the technical requirements.

E) The form should ask broad questions, so the manager can discuss whatever they think is important.


51) In an attempt to motivate its current employees and to attract skilled professionals, Integrated Inc. decides to increase salaries as well as year-end bonuses for its best performers. Which HR function is demonstrated in this scenario?

A) performance management

B) training and development

C) recruitment

D) planning and administering pay and benefits

E) maintaining positive employee relations


52) Which HR function includes preparing and distributing employee handbooks that detail company policies?

A) recruitment and selection

B) maintaining positive employee relations

C) ensuring compliance with labor laws

D) performance management

E) planning and administering pay and benefits



53) Rhonda, an employee at Neon Corp., develops and distributes newsletters that announce upcoming events in the company. Which human resource management practice is being performed by Rhonda?

A) performance management

B) employee relations

C) selection

D) training

E) compensation


54) Some of the employees of MYV Services are unhappy with their supervisor's comments and remarks. They feel they are being unduly discriminated against by the supervisor, and so they turn to the HR department for help. Addressing such problems is a part of the HR function of

A) recruitment and selection.

B) employee relations.

C) training and development of employees.

D) performance management.

E) planning and administration of pay and benefits.


55) The HR function of maintaining positive employee relations includes

A) maintaining performance measures on outcomes.

B) offering training programs on effective teamwork.

C) selecting only those applicants that are referred by employees.

D) maintaining communication with union representatives.

E) planning employee pay and benefits.


56) What is the advantage of establishing and administering policies in organizations?

A) It allows companies to handle situations more fairly and objectively.

B) It allows companies to address issues on a case-by-case basis.

C) It eliminates the need for documentation and record keeping.

D) It encourages employees to defend themselves by claiming ignorance of disciplinary norms.

E) It leaves a lot of room for subjective decision making.


57) ________ refers to the use of quantitative tools and scientific methods to analyze data from human resource databases and other sources to make evidence-based decisions that support business goals.

A) Conjoint analysis

B) Performance management

C) Workforce analytics

D) Career development

E) Task analysis



58) Sophia, a manager at Mentor Corp., is responsible for workforce analytics in the organization. Her supervisor, Steve, argues it is an unnecessary expense as he believes that collecting employee-related information is just an administrative responsibility. Which statement, if true, would weaken Steve's argument?

A) Sophia established policies regarding violations of company regulations.

B) Sophia identified subordinates who showed the potential to become leaders in the company based on the data.

C) Sophia prepared and distributed company publications on the organization's intranet.

D) Sophia was able to actively recruit candidates from external sources, such as Internet job postings and college recruiting events.

E) Sophia was able to specify the tasks and outcomes of a job that contributed to the organization's success.


59) BrightenUp Corp. uses a set of quantitative tools to assess employee data such as performance, compensation, designations, and benefits. This is done to arrive at decisions based on accurate findings from analyses that can help the firm achieve its goals. BrightenUp is engaging in the practice of

A) training and development.

B) job design.

C) employee relations.

D) talent management.

E) workforce analytics.


60) When a GRM Manufacturing experienced a slowdown in sales, it laid off the two employees with the poorest attendance. One of the employees sued the company, saying it should have laid off the most recently hired workers. What defense would GRM Manufacturing most likely offer?

A) The layoffs were not discriminatory.

B) The company was forced to make the layoffs.

C) There are no federal laws that apply to this situation.

D) The layoffs were instances of employment at will.

E) The age of the company's workforce has been rising.


61) Instabin Inc., a company in the recycling business, has revamped its management and business criteria. It has also added new objectives that would require recruitment of new and skilled labor. The responsibility of identifying the numbers and the kinds of employees lies with the HR department of the firm. This responsibility of the HR department is known as

A) supply chain management.

B) performance management.

C) human resource planning.

D) utilization analysis.

E) performance planning.



62) What term refers to a systematic, planned effort to attract, retain, develop, and motivate highly skilled employees and managers?

A) work flow recruitment

B) job analysis

C) conjoint analysis

D) talent management

E) performance management


63) Which statement best describes evidence-based HR?

A) It is the exclusive use of statistical models for planning, forecasting, and other related HR activities.

B) It is establishing overlapping performance goals and desired outcomes during performance management.

C) It is demonstrating that human resource practices have a positive influence on a company's profits or key stakeholders.

D) It is the process of ensuring that employees' activities and outputs match an organization's goals.

E) It is the organization-wide planned effort to enable employees to learn job-related knowledge, rather than teamwork or communication skills.


64) An organization's ability to profit without depleting its resources, including employees, natural resources, and the support of the surrounding community, is called

A) adjustability.

B) absorbability.

C) substitutability.

D) sustainability.

E) credibility.


65) Eve & Rose Corp., an apparel manufacturer, has been profitable for a long time without depleting its resources—raw materials, employees, and the support of the local community. The company also caters to the needs of all its stakeholders. Which characteristic is illustrated in this scenario?

A) sustainability

B) strategic architecture

C) compliance with law

D) talent management

E) workforce analytics


66) The parties with an interest in a company's success—typically, shareholders, the community, customers, and employees—constitute which members of the company?

A) advisors

B) stakeholders

C) management

D) personnel

E) strategic partners



67) Heidi, a local farmer, buys her equipment exclusively from the manufacturer Farm Supply Inc. Because of this, Heidi is affected by Farm Supply Inc.'s operations. This indicates that Heidi is

A) stakeholder.

B) business partner.

C) workforce analyst.

D) talent manager.

E) strategic partner.


68) Identify the correct statement regarding sustainable organizations.

A) They primarily focus on maximizing profits and delivering high returns to investors.

B) They focus on smooth turnover and outsourcing rather than long-term planning.

C) They are more concerned about justice and fairness than short-term profits.

D) They are less concerned about employee development and empowerment.

E) They are more concerned with the quantity of output than quality standards.


69) An HR manager can demonstrate competency in communication by excelling at which behavior?

A) setting a vision for the HR function

B) listening effectively

C) supporting inclusiveness

D) maintaining confidentiality

E) applying knowledge of business principles


70) A human resource professional of a company exhibits the competency of business acumen when he or she

A) acquires knowledge of other cultures.

B) responds to reports of unethical conduct.

C) applies statistical knowledge to understand data.

D) applies knowledge of how the functions of HR contribute to business success.

E) uses HR technology correctly.


71) What clusters of competencies are necessary for success in human resource management?

A) hiring, compensation, event planning, and training

B) technical, interpersonal, business, and leadership

C) technical, hiring, motivation, and compensation

D) business, development, leadership, and interpersonal

E) technical, business, training, and hiring


72) According to the SHRM competency model, which competency is part of the interpersonal cluster?

A) leadership

B) human resource expertise

C) business acumen

D) critical evaluation

E) global and cultural effectiveness


73) Twyla is a benefits specialist at McCallister Manufacturing. She negotiates contracts for insurance, retirement plans, and other employee benefits in order to get the best possible deal while meeting all legal requirements. She understands the details of each benefit and is able to help employees understand the value of their benefits. This scenario illustrates Twyla's competency in the area of

A) consultation.

B) human resource expertise.

C) relationship management.

D) ethical practice.

E) business acumen.


74) Claire is a human resource manager at Lewis Corp. She skillfully handles personal interactions with her staff and the other department managers. She is highly admired by others in the organization because she treats others with respect and builds trust. This scenario indicates Claire has strengths in the HR success competency of

A) consultation.

B) relationship management.

C) leadership and navigation.

D) global and cultural effectiveness.

E) critical evaluation.


75) Lia, the human resource manager at AirTech Inc., has developed an inspiring vision of how the HR function should contribute to employees' well-being and the company's success. She models the values and behaviors supporting that vision, and she gets her staff excited to be part of realizing the vision. This indicates that Lia has competencies in the area of

A) global and cultural effectiveness.

B) critical evaluation.

C) relationship management.

D) leadership and navigation.

E) human resource expertise.


76) Sasha heads the human resource team at Ensured Corp., a marketing firm with a diverse group of employees in three countries. She has knowledge about the cultures of the employees and applies that knowledge to build cooperation and resolve conflicts. She appreciates that all her employees bring different strengths to the company, and she helps to foster a climate in which all are encouraged to contribute. This scenario illustrates Sasha's competency in the area of

A) ethical practice.

B) critical evaluation.

C) business acumen.

D) global and cultural effectiveness.

E) human resource expertise.



77) Luke heads the human resource department at a technology development company. There, he monitors trends of the labor markets within the industry. Studying the trends, Luke realizes the company is likely going to need more sources of employees skilled in robotics. He gathers information about the best robotics training programs in the regions where the company operates. Then he applies that information to build connections with selected schools, thereby resolving a recruitment problem before it becomes serious. This scenario illustrates Luke's competency in

A) global and cultural effectiveness.

B) communication.

C) critical evaluation.

D) leadership and navigation.

E) relationship management.


78) Hayden is the human resource manager at Silver Corp. He clearly understands the company's strategy. He has a solid understanding of business principles, and he applies these to help the HR department contribute to Silver's success. This scenario indicates that Hayden has competency in the area of

A) business acumen.

B) ethical practice.

C) communication.

D) leadership and navigation.

E) relationship management.


79) Which statement is correct about the HR responsibilities of supervisors?

A) Supervisors do not interview job candidates.

B) In large organizations, all HR activities are carried out by supervisors.

C) Supervisors do not need to be familiar with the basics of HRM.

D) Job analysis and job design are techniques that lie outside the purview of supervisors.

E) Supervisors typically have responsibilities related to all the HR functions.


80) Jarrod, one of the senior managers at United Inc., insists that the company supervisors handle employee relations as part of their jobs. Which statement strengthens Jarrod's argument?

A) The supervisors represent the company on a day-to-day basis.

B) The supervisors have the business experience to take up additional responsibilities.

C) The supervisors do not hold any stakes in the organization.

D) The supervisors are not a part of the employees' union.

E) The supervisors are responsible for any action taken by the employees.


81) Which statement is true of ethics in human resource management?

A) Evidence shows that HRM practices are invariably ethical.

B) The general public has a positive perception of the ethical conduct of U.S. businesses.

C) HR managers must view employees as having basic rights.

D) Most managers have a positive perception of the ethical conduct of U.S. businesses.

E) Most people believe that individuals apply values they hold in their personal lives to their professional activities.



82) Which view on employment reflects the ethical principles embodied in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights?

A) HR managers must view employees as having basic rights.

B) HR managers have the right to lifetime employment.

C) HR managers have the right to hire whoever they deem best suited for a job.

D) HR managers must view employees as a necessary expense.

E) HR managers must set aside quotas for minorities.


83) According to the philosopher Immanuel Kant, the right of employees to know the nature of the job they are being hired to do and the obligation of a company not to deceive them in this respect is mainly reflective of the basic right of

A) privacy.

B) free consent.

C) freedom of speech.

D) freedom of conscience.

E) first refusal.


84) Jayden, a manager, is rigid with his employees and does not allow them to voice their opinions or criticisms about their superiors. On the other hand, Tonya, another manager at the same firm, encourages her subordinates to communicate with her openly. Which statement uses basic rights to argue in favor of Tonya's practice over that of Jayden's?

A) It enables Tonya to keep a tab on the grapevine communication in the company.

B) It engages the employees in expressing constructive criticisms and opinions.

C) It reduces the possibility of any whistle blowers in the company.

D) It enhances the chances of more employees being promoted.

E) It curbs the privacy and confidential requirements of an employee.


85) Which scenario demonstrates a violation of the right of freedom of conscience in a workplace environment?

A) A supervisor shares the previous employment details of an employee with a colleague.

B) An interviewer does not specify the details of a job to a prospective employee.

C) A supervisor coerces an employee to use unsafe practices to keep a project on schedule.

D) An employee complains about his supervisor during a conference call with a client.

E) A supervisor does not provide a fair hearing when an employee complains about a colleague.


86) Which of Kant's basic human rights is violated when a supervisor requires an employee to do something that is unsafe or environmentally damaging, in spite of the employee clearly objecting to the order?

A) right of freedom of speech

B) right of equal opportunity employment

C) right to due process

D) right of freedom of conscience

E) right of privacy



87) The right of privacy is the right to 

A) know the nature of the job a person is being hired for.

B) autonomy in how a person carries out their work.

C) control what a person reveals about their private life.

D) a fair and impartial hearing.

E) fight against a wrongful discharge.


88) By keeping employees' personal records confidential, an employer respects their right of

A) autonomy.

B) freedom of conscience.

C) equal opportunity.

D) freedom of speech.

E) privacy.


89) Michael, an employee at a book publishing company, is unhappy with his company's existing project management system. He decides to communicate this to the top management by expressing his complaints in an email. According to the work of philosopher Immanuel Kant, Michael is applying his right of

A) freedom of conscience.

B) first refusal.

C) freedom of speech.

D) privacy.

E) free consent.


90) Kent, a manager at ITP Inc., was asked by his supervisor to sign a contract with a new supplier. The contract stated that the industrial waste released by the company would be released into a local river. Kent was against this idea of polluting the river with the waste, so he refused to sign the contract. In this scenario, Kent exercised his right of 

A) freedom of conscience.

B) first refusal.

C) freedom of speech.

D) privacy.

E) free consent.


91) If people believe their rights are being violated, they have the right to a fair and impartial hearing. This reflects the basic human right to

A) lifetime employment.

B) privacy.

C) due process.

D) free consent.

E) freedom of conscience.



92) Which statement best describes companies that are ethical and successful?

A) They are solely concerned about the benefits of the company while making business decisions.

B) The owners most often assume responsibility for the actions of the company, rather than the employees.

C) They are less concerned about the interests of the people involved in the business.

D) Their main aim is to maximize profits in all their transactions.

E) They have a sense of purpose and vision that the employees value and use in their day-to-day work.


93) What is a standard that human resource managers must satisfy for HRM practices to be ethical?

A) Managers must treat employees as family.

B) Human resource practices must result in the greatest good for the largest number of people.

C) Employment practices must respect employees' right of lifetime employment.

D) Managers must always maintain that customers are right.

E) Employment practices must limit the application of the principle of employment-at-will as it is unfair to employees.


94) What is one of the four principles that guides how ethical companies act?

A) shortchange customers and vendors

B) perform only in ways that benefit the company

C) have a sense of purpose or vision that employees value and use

D) only permit top management to take responsibility for the company

E) emphasize fairness only if it suits the company


95) When Grant Incorporated, a travel insurance company, decided to introduce new goals for its internal management, there was a rift regarding what should be implemented. Group A emphasized short-term goals that would benefit the company, while Group B believed in introducing policies that would create more mutually beneficial relationships with client businesses, such as major airlines. Which result would prove Group B's decision to be ideal?

A) rival businesses going bankrupt due to a slow economy

B) an increase of quarterly bonuses offered to executives

C) studies showing a rise in the number of consumers looking to take a vacation

D) an increase of airline customers purchasing Grant Incorporated's insurance

E) a steady decline of unhappy employees at Ulysses Corp. due to new healthcare benefits


96) Which statement is true about the HR profession? 

A) A degree in law is the sole requirement for those who wish to choose HRM as a profession.

B) All HRM professionals have a postgraduate degree.

C) Professional certification in HRM continues to be the only way to get into the field.

D) Usually, HR generalists get paid substantially more than HR training directors.

E) HR generalists usually perform the full range of HRM activities.



97) What is the primary professional organization for HRM that provides education and information services, and is also the world's largest human resource management association?

A) the Collective for Strategic Human Resource Management

B) the Foundation for the Recognition of Professionals International

C) the Society for Human Resource Management

D) the Human Resource Certification Institute

E) the Association for Human Resource Professionals


98) List the qualities associated with human resources that help an organization gain a sustainable competitive advantage.


99) List five of the HRM functions, briefly describing the specific activities associated with each.


100) Explain human resource planning and evidence-based HR. How do these concepts help HR in supporting an organization's strategy?


101) Briefly describe the nine categories of HRM competencies that the Society for Human Resource Management found to be associated with success. Provide an example of a behavior for each.


102) Explain why supervisors and non-HR managers are expected to be familiar with the basics of HRM. List five examples of the types of HR responsibilities supervisors are expected to perform.


103) What is the difference between training and development of employees?


104) What is the impact of planning and administering pay and benefits on an organization?


105) Who are the typical stakeholders in an organization?


106) What are the four principles followed by ethical, successful companies?


107) How can HR professionals increase their career opportunities?